A coping mechanism for dealing with the madness of 24 hour news, Tear Through the News aims to process events found in weekly newspapers and reproduce them into a new reality.

At times resulting in humour, tragedy and others, merely exaggerating the insanity of our times.

: Waiting room music
: Summer of Revenge
: Tired of being stepped on
: Set engines to warp speed
: Let sleeping giants live
: Stand for Justice
: Melting Nazi's – Indiana Jones style
: NBA Playground
: Playing with their food
: Empress Jackie Weaver
: This little piggy went to the vaccination centre
: Wings of Change
: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
: Stay at Home and OBEY
: Nationwide vaccine rollout
: Nancy Pelosi's office is just down the hall and to the left
: This year's best selling 'Who dun'it'
: "Listen Im not sure this Hitler guy is
such a bad guy
: Covid immunity
: Do the flamingo dance
: "Ive been working 9 till 5 on this vaccine"
: Fucking done with it
: Jump, skip and a hop over Trumps legacy
: Pipe(bomb) dream
: A book firmly shut
: Bezo the Bot retired from assembly line
: A new dawn rises
: Choose a number between tier 1 and 3...
Im gonna say 4?
: Kiss of Judas
: The North Strikes Back
: Nationalist – one and the same
: The Space Race
: China's aim to tame African econmies
: Diving into 2020 like...
: Send up the orange flags of defeat
: British harvested...
: English Rose
: White House staff attempt to remove lingering Trumps
: Covid bombardment
: Trade deal comes down to rock, paper, scissors
: Swat the bigots out
: Lurking in the shallows below
: Tested positive for BS
: "Have we tried doping the voting machines?"
: Sneaking in a pre-lockdown trim
: Boris' plea to return to the classroom
: Shine it right up his ass
: Defining Defiance
: May I have your attention please
: Stay at Home Olympics
: Russia left out in the Cold
: Politcal Colosseum
: Your bible won't help you where we're going
: Peace talks prove successful
: Modern Britain
: Through your webcam
: I hear you jumped out a helicopter with
James Bond
: At home entertainment
: One rule for us. One rule for him.
: Socially distanced Boxing
: We call this excercise "Keep your Distance"
: Temperature – smoking hot
: Mother is that you?
: As a lonely oak awaits a sunny Spring.
We long for a summer to be free.
: Free hugs
: Better pack a spare hazmat suit
: Lockdown drives residents up the wall
: Imagine a better world. Then thrive for it.
: Don't invite Coronavirus in for tea
: Sit back and watch the collapse of the British Economy
: The immortal end of Cruise Liners
: Goverment messaging summed up
: Come with me and you'll be, in a world
of pure deforestation
: Red sky at night, climate deniers delight
: Fly like a hummingbird
: Diplomatic quarantine
: Family Feud
: Surfs up & down
: #megexit
: At war with pollution
: Fight for freedom
: Race rows intensify
: Life on Mars
: Rain microplastics on me
: Natures calling
: Authorities push against hope
: Respect the Natives
: Catch!
: Homecoming Quarantine
: The seas rise, the waves crash
: Egotistical w*nker grows hungrier for power
: Impeachment stalks its prey
: Dance for Democracy
: Love & War
: Fly me to the MOOn
: Visitors not welcome
: While milkshake stocks last
: See Venice from a different angle...
completely submerged under the sea
: "Remind me how he's related to us again?"
: R.I.P Grumpy Cat
: Turning their back on LGBT rights, leaders stand on the steps of hypocrisy
: Climate Crisis reduces Climate Contrast
: "Don't do this, what will the village think"
: An American predator in London
: When your friends are having a better time without you
: Little people making a big difference
: Theresa May's new book out
on the 31st October
: Autumn Flame
: Nigel the Chlorinated Chicken
: A complete #$@&%*!
: "Let me show you ladies a little trick"
: Driving in the EU is changing
: "I'll just tell people I've got abs"
: Dude, just chill...
: Broken Britain
: Spice up the system
: The push against Centre Politics
: P45 Acceptance Speech
: The Four Horsemen
: The Model Menace
: Climate Change divides
: First day at Big Boy school
: True Love
: Elderly People & I
: Berry – Barack Bust up
: God Complex
: Leaders round on Trump
: The OG Boss Baby
: "I need this course mowed by noon"
: Villians Unite!
: Front row seats to the End of the World
: "The Wall"
: The Animal Farm
: Rise to it People
: The New World Rising
: Parliment turns a shade of blue
: South Korea steps up spying operation
: A deal with the devil
: Drink from the cup of success
: Migrate crisis
: A tiger can't change its stripes
: If I coud turn back time
: Rest these heels
: Pre–inauguration tan
: A little less action, a little more conversation
: To preserve, protect and defend the KFC
: Poisonous Putin
: Merkel's pet poodle
: Tango Theresa
Tear through the news.
A work in progress by James Clarke